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Better Days

I am happy to report that Aaron's awful mouth sores eventually settled down and are now minimal enough that he can eat and talk normally. He had round 4 a week ago and he has done well with it. His main side effect is the fatigue, but even that has been manageable. We are feeling deeply grateful for every day we are given. We feel blessed in endless ways.
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Out Like A Lion

A week and a half ago Aaron had his third round of chemo and to that point the side effects had been pretty mild. He struggled mostly with fatigue until two days ago when his mouth and throat filled with painful sores. You can see in the photo how swollen the sores have made his mouth. He can't eat and does not sleep well. He is able to get naps in throughout the day, and I am always glad when he sleeps because it's a time when he can escape the pain. He rinses with a prescription mouthwash every hour. It has lidocaine as one of the ingredients and it helps to numb his mouth a bit. This experience has reminded me of the phrase, "In like a lamb, out like a lion." I thought this chemo was going to just be as simple as Aaron sleeping a lot more, but as we move in to the last doses, chemo is living up to its reputation and it looks like it will go out like a lion as far as the side effects go. His goal is to make it through the maximum 6 rounds. We are hopeful these sore…

Chemo is Working

Big A is 43

Aaron turned 43 yesterday. His party, if you can call it that, would be a big disappointment to the American Cancer Society who claim title to being the official sponsor of birthdays, but if you know Aaron you know that he didn't care. He doesn't require a lot of pomp and circumstance, in fact he requires none, he just enjoys being with his family and getting new socks, a tie, or a bag of candy from his youngest child. He is always content to let others shine, and a little love and a little thoughtfulness go a long way with this wonderful man.
What you see with Aaron is what you get. He is the same steady, happy, and kind person at home as he is at work and church. He bears his burdens with a quiet dignity and never faults the Lord for giving him such a heavy load. He is my very own Captain Moroni, and I have never been more grateful for the covenants that bind me to him and to God. It fills me with hope and joy to know that Aaron is forever mine. That there is no disease of …

Chemo: Round Two

Aaron had round two of chemo last Friday. I think I jinxed him with the last post because the day after I posted that things were pretty uneventful after round one of chemo, he had problems with his heart racing to the point he nearly passed out while driving. A few of the kids and I rescued him and we eventually got him home. We worried it was blood clots, however, we discovered most likely it was dehydration. Chemo has a reputation for altering the taste of food and decreasing appetite, and due to those side effects Aaron didn't realize he hadn't been taking in enough water. It was frightening, but it has been resolved. He has since been craving double cheese burgers, fries, and vanilla milkshakes from In-N-Out and we are happy to report he has also gained back the lost ten pounds from round one of chemo. Currently, he is beginning to feel the fatigue from round two.
Meanwhile, the kids are still in the hospital. Two of them caught a cold while there and their stay has been…

Two Weeks Down

Aaron's first dose of chemo proved pretty uneventful. He experienced heavy fatigue the first week after the infusion and was able to control the nausea. He gets tired more than usual these days and he can't say he feels 100%. The side effects are supposed to get increasingly worse after each dose so it will be interesting to see how he feels after round two this Friday. 
In the meantime, our kids with cf are in for another two week clean out. We spend a lot of time walking hospital halls. Hospitals are great at reminding us that things could always be worse.


All of Aaron's oncologists agreed that it is time to use chemo. He hasn't been feeling well for a few weeks and chemo should give him a boost and take care of the cancer for a while. He will receive two different chemo drugs Carboplatin and Pemetrexed. He will receive his infusions once every three weeks here in Utah. He will also continue to take Tagrisso, the targeted drug he has been on for 15 months. It's also possible he will have the small spot in his brain radiated.

Before the chemo infusion he is given two different IV nausea meds that last for 4-5 days. After the 4th day he will take oral nausea meds and that regiment should curb any sick stomach feelings. He will most likely feel extreme fatigue for about a week. Since this is his first dose we are just going to have to wait and see what the side effects are like for him.

Looking back, it's been nine months since one of his doctors recommended chemo and Aaron said not until he researched his other options. We a…