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Aaron Vere Thatcher, 44, passed away surrounded by his family at the Ogden Regional Hospital on Tuesday December 18, 2018, after a courageous, four-year battle with lung cancer. With Sweet Lorraine by his side, Aaron faced cancer just like he faced everything else in his life-with courage, optimism, rock-solid faith, and dignity, with gratitude and love for all those on his team fighting for him. 
Aaron was born in Logan, UT on May 18, 1974 to David Kendrick Thatcher and Kathleen Johnson Thatcher, and grew up first in Wanship, UT, then Providence, and later on a hilltop in Paradise. He was the second of thirteen children.
"Big A" grew up playing sports and would become well known for his accomplishments in athletics, but was loved for his kindness, humility, and thoughtfulness. He was known more for his kind heart than for his strong arm. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, Aaron dedicated his life to lifting others, deflecting attention from himself. 
As a young man, Aaron put his …

Aaron Vere Thatcher

Written by Aaron's Mom and siblings:

To all who have loved Aaron throughout his life, we want to let you know that he passed away yesterday, December 18, 2018 in the hospital, surrounded by his family.

Sunday night, Aaron took a turn for the worse and was taken to the hospital. We were hopeful that he could regain his strength and come home, but it wasn't to be. Yesterday he interacted lovingly with friends, church leaders, siblings, his Sweet Lorraine, and his children. In true Aaron fashion, and with great effort, he spoke to each person, looking in their eyes, calling them by name or nickname, expressing his love and gratitude in a personal manner to each one.  We wish that all of you who love him could have been there with us yesterday to witness his finest hour. He was the Aaron Thatcher we all love to the last moment, and there was an incredible outpouring from his wonderful soul. Each  felt personally loved and remembered by him. In his suffering, he tutored us all one…

Wicked Rash

Is seems like we just figured out how to control Aaron's nausea and were getting him to gain weight when a wicked rash showed up and with it extreme pain. It is a side effect of one of the new drugs. We knew of this side effect, but didn't know how extreme it would become. He had me try multiple creams and ointments to control it and maybe that contributed to it getting out of control. Treating the rash consists of him sleeping his days away while the skin heals and also holding off on the new drug until the rash is under control. I requested to have IV fluids at home so he doesn't dehydrate. Eating is another worry AND getting all the layers of cream we slathered on is an additional worry. I work on wiping the layers away to get down to the raw, red skin. Cancer just isn't pretty.

He does not complain and is thoughtful even in his extremities. It was our daughter's birthday this week and I went to check on Aaron and in his hand was a ten dollar bill he had gotten…

Post Radiation Update

Radiation is completed and a month behind us. Aaron described it as the worst treatment yet. It has caused him to lose his hair and makes his head feel like it has a bad sunburn. He had such terrible balance during radiation that caused him to fall on occasion. It was all around a bad time and was compounded by the fact that our three kids with cf spent 3 weeks in the hospital during the 15 days Aaron did radiation.

To qualify for the huntsman drug trial Aaron would have to go through a 30 day wash out period where he would received no treatment of any kind. We didn't feel like we could wait a month after radiation to qualify. Aaron was in bad shape and we couldn't see how he could go a month with no treatment in the condition he was in. He seemed to have hit an all time low in this cancer fight. Aaron's brother, Jeff, seems to never sleep and has an an incredible capacity to research and assimilate all that research in Aaron's behalf. He found a treatment that consis…

Feeling the love

Our dear friends, the Janet Alder family, are doing a fundraiser for Aaron and Lorraine on Halloween. If you live near to Millville, please stop by and enjoy some of Janet's famous spudnuts.

Whole Brain Radiation

Aaron's MRI showed too much cancer progression in his brain and now if he wants to qualify for the Huntsman drug trial he has to do whole brain radiation. This is something he has tried to avoid from the beginning because of the effect it can have on a person's cognitive abilities, but we really don't have many choices at this point so on to radiation it is. He begins today and will have a radiation session every day for 15 days with weekends off.
He will receive lower doses of radiation to the whole brain in order to kill the cancer we cannot see and he will receive higher doses of radiation that will be targeted at actual lesions in the brain that can be seen on the mri.  We hope this treatment style will reduce memory problems often associated with whole brain radiation. The actual type of radiation treatment is called tomotherapy and one of the nice things about it is that it avoids the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with emotions and memory.