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Good Scans

Aaron's scans from December 27th look good. Good, meaning there is evidence of cancer, but it hasn't grown since the last scans. The cancer appears to be quiet right now. He won't scan again for six weeks and that means at least two to four more rounds of chemo before we would potentially have to switch to a new treatment. It is a nice way for us to end 2017 and ring in the new year!
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Christmas Chemo Dose 12

Aaron had dose 12 yesterday. The week prior he didn't feel too well and we aren't sure why. What we do know is there isn't anything alarming from his blood work and his oxygen saturation is good. He has even been able to gain back the weight he lost during the week he didn't feel well. He will have scans two days after Christmas and that will tell us if this chemo is still working. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, our cf kids spent another 2-3 weeks in the hospital. Between having kids in the hospital and Aaron feeling very sick Thanksgiving day I hope to never repeat a Thanksgiving like that again. Thanks to some very generous neighbors we had a real Thanksgiving dinner the day after Maddie was discharged. Our friends and neighbors are the best.

I've been thinking a lot about what Elder Maxwell teaches in his talk "Endure it Well". There are so many golden nuggets in that talk it's hard to choose what sums up my feelings most about our situation at …

Great Results

Aaron's scans look amazing! That's how his doctor described the results. He is so happy with Aaron's response to the current treatment. We are happy and grateful as well. He had his 10th dose of Chemo on Thursday and has been pretty tired and a little nauseous since. We are hoping it will pass and he will have another good couple of weeks like he did after dose 9.

Dose 9 of 6

Aaron is still doing chemo. He had dose 9 of 6 a week ago. We thought he would being doing a maintenance dose of just one chemo drug, but instead he is still doing the same two IV chemos, one oral chemo, and recently a third IV drug that shuts down the blood supply to tumors. Once he passed dose 6 we noticed he became significantly more fatigued and nauseous. He dropped 18 pounds in under two weeks (thankfully with all his In-N-Out meals he had extra weight to lose for such a time). This past week has been better. His dr. added a few meds to help with energy and nausea and it seems to be working. He still feels somewhat sluggish, but improved enough that he can keep down quarts of ice cream and doesn't need a four hour nap each day.

He had scans a month ago and they looked good to us. One dr. wanted to change course because he saw some progression of the cancer in the lungs, but we have learned that you don't jump to a new treatment at the first sign of progression, especially…

Better Days

I am happy to report that Aaron's awful mouth sores eventually settled down and are now minimal enough that he can eat and talk normally. He had round 4 a week ago and he has done well with it. His main side effect is the fatigue, but even that has been manageable. We are feeling deeply grateful for every day we are given. We feel blessed in endless ways.

Out Like A Lion

A week and a half ago Aaron had his third round of chemo and to that point the side effects had been pretty mild. He struggled mostly with fatigue until two days ago when his mouth and throat filled with painful sores. You can see in the photo how swollen the sores have made his mouth. He can't eat and does not sleep well. He is able to get naps in throughout the day, and I am always glad when he sleeps because it's a time when he can escape the pain. He rinses with a prescription mouthwash every hour. It has lidocaine as one of the ingredients and it helps to numb his mouth a bit. This experience has reminded me of the phrase, "In like a lamb, out like a lion." I thought this chemo was going to just be as simple as Aaron sleeping a lot more, but as we move in to the last doses, chemo is living up to its reputation and it looks like it will go out like a lion as far as the side effects go. His goal is to make it through the maximum 6 rounds. We are hopeful these sore…

Chemo is Working